• Besi, meralar ve süt sığırcılığında popüler bir seçim olan WaterMaster Serisi, büyük baş hayvanların ağırlığı altında bile dayanan tek parça ağır bir polietilen gövdeye sahiptir. Oluk, büyük bir tahliyeye eğimlidir ve diğer sulukların boşaldığı zamanın bir kısmında boşaltılabilir, temizlenebilir ve yeniden doldurulabilir. WaterMaster, kışın beton birimlerden% 75 daha az enerji gerektirir ve temizlik sorunlarına neden olmazlar.  
  • WaterMatic Ailesi, Ritchie'nin açılır kapak tasarımına, parmakla kaldırma hizmetinin kolaylığına ve su contasının yalıtımına sahiptir. 150S, ayakta durmayı ve tırmanmayı önleyen benzersiz bir kubbeli kapağa sahiptir. Tüm yüzeyler kolay temizlenebilmesi için kanallara eğimlidir.  
    • Openings up to 6 m width and height
    • Reinforced Rollerdoor
    • All essential components are hot-dip galvanised or aluminium
    • Fasteners are stainless
    • Suitable for difficult conditions
    • Custom-made
    • Superior wind resistance
    • CE label


    The Eurodoor’s sturdiness is thanks to horizontal aluminium reinforcements sliding through galvanised tracks on both sides. As all essential components are hot-dip galvanised, our gates are suitable for even the most difficult surroundings. We mount the gate to the existing structure, requiring at least 40cm of room at the top.


    Depending on your preference, the gate may be operated manually or using a motor.


    Safe operation of our gates is extremely important to us. This is why we can equip the gate with a pressure safety mechanism. If the gate is being used as an entrance or operated remotely, this is mandatory. If the gate encounters any resistance at the bottom while descending, it will automatically reverse fully upwards. It will only move downwards again when you press the button again.


    May absolutely no rain or wind penetrate the windbreak net? Or do you prefer a more breathable fabric? We weld everything completely to order in our factory, allowing us to combine various types of windbreak mesh and tarpaulin. For example, you could choose to have the upper portion of the gate let in daylight, but keep the bottom part impenetrable to dust, dirt and wind. Additionally, we can provide a 50 cm transparent section at your desired height, allowing you to look through the gate. We strive to find the best solution for every project and application!
  • Solomix 1 VLH-B Feed mixer

    The Solomix 1 VLH-B is a compact diet feeder, featuring a single vertical auger and a cross conveyor belt in the front. This trailed feed mixer is suitable for both large and small scale livestock breeders and is available in volumes from 8 - 14 m³. The Trioform auger knives are mounted at horizontal position on the auger flighting. This ensures an optimum cutting performance with less resistance in the feed (fuel saving). The patented Trioform auger knives are self-sharpening and the special shape lead up to a higher strength and long life. Its specific characteristics and high quality make the mixer feeder wagon unique, efficient and very easy to work with. Click here to learn about all the unique Solomix features.
    8-14 m³
    Discharge type
    Front discharge